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Invergordon Cask-1990-#900035644

Distillery: Invergordon
Region: Highland
Age: 32 years
Distillation Date: 18th April 1990
Cask type: Hogshead
Peated?: No
Re-gauge ABV: 50.5%
Re-gauged Litres of Alcohol (RLA): 74.9 litres
New Bulk Litres: 148.0 litres
Re-gauge Date: 17th December 2021
Bottles: 211

Cask Number: 900035644

Three Decades Delivers Vivacious and Dessert-Like Single Grain Whisky

Cask description

Owned by Whyte & Mackay, and forming a large portion of their internationally-acclaimed blends, spirit from Invergordon has a reputation to uphold - shaped by distillation, but also maturation. Whyte & Mackay - who also have single malt brands The Dalmore, Jura, Fettercairn and Tamnavulin in their portfolio - have a deep commitment to sourcing only the highest quality casks. This commitment was most recently exhibited through the foundation of their Scottish Oak programme, which seeks to champion locally sourced oak as a more sustainable alternative to the common practice of importing casks from abroad.

The Spirit
Invergordon Distillers Ltd established the distillery, and it began with only one tall column still. In 1963, two more column stills were added, and in 1978, a final, much larger one was added.. Invergordon now has a total of five skyscraper-like, four of which are used to produce grain whisky; the other producing neutral spirit. Fermentation time of around 70 hours results in a spirit with light and fruity character.

The Masters
Invergordon is quite remarkable for a number of reasons. To begin with, it is a grain whisky distillery, which means that the whisky is made from other cereal grains as well as malted barley. The grains used at Invergordon are wheat or corn (maize). The site actually only has one official bottling - a 10 year old single grain. Independent bottlings are almost as scarce, remarkable considering the vast capacity of almost 40 million litres per annum.

The History
Invergordon is a fairly new distillery, having only been founded in 1960, with the intention of large-scale grain whisky production. It is one of its kind in the sense of its location, all other grain distilleries in Scotland are located in the central belt due to more convenient transport links. What Invergordon sacrifices in ease of product transportation, it makes up for in location, nestled between the household names of Glenmorangie and internationally renowned Dalmore.

Tasting Notes
Nose: Extremely complex with layer after layer of fresh sweet fruit: orange, kiwi, melon, mango, dates and raisins. Hot stroopwafel and vanilla provide the bedrock over which top notes of brut champagne and enriched dough abound. Dangerously moreish and with long-lasting vivacity.
Palate: Smooth and creamy; subtle but with complexity to match that of the nose. Spun sugar and vanilla buttercream lead the charge, followed swiftly by soft fruits and set fudge in the mid-palate. Build to an understated crescendo of dry resin and dates.
Finish: Pistachio nougat and burnt toffee with a milk chocolate edge. Medium in intensity but immensely long-lasting. Over time, develops to give gentle lime, sandalwood and raisin scone flavours.

呈獻生動活潑如甜點般的三十年單一穀物威士忌 單桶詳情 木桶 英威高登由懷特馬凱擁有,蒸餾與熟成過程嚴謹,享有盛譽,在其國際知名的威士忌大軍中佔一大部分。懷特馬凱還擁有單一麥芽品牌帝摩、吉拉、費特肯和塔木嶺,堅定承諾只採購最優質木桶。此承諾最近通過他們的「蘇格蘭橡木」計劃得到體現,該計劃旨在支持本地橡木採購,跟慣常從國外進口木桶相比,是更可持續的替代方案。 酒液 英威高登建立酒廠初期,只有一個高大的柱式蒸餾器,1963 年增加了兩個,到1978 年最終又增添一個更大的蒸餾器。英威高登現在擁有五座摩天大樓式蒸餾器,其中四個用於生產穀物威士忌,另一個生產食用酒精。發酵時間約 70 小時,可產生一種帶清淡果味的烈酒。 大師 英威高登如此出色有多種原因。首先,他們是一家穀物威士忌酒廠,即其威士忌是由其他穀物和大麥麥芽釀製,而英威高登所使用的穀物是小麥及玉米。他們實際上只有一個官方裝瓶出品:10 年單一穀物威士忌。獨立裝瓶幾乎同樣稀缺,考慮到每年近4000萬升的巨大生產量,這非常了不起。 歷史 英威高登是一家相當新的釀酒廠,成立於 1960 年,旨在大規模生產穀物威士忌。就其位置而言,它在同類酒廠中獨樹一幟,由於交通便利,蘇格蘭大部份穀物釀酒廠都位於中央地帶。英威高登位於家喻戶曉的格蘭傑和國際知名的帝摩之間,地理位置彌補了在產品運輸便利方面所作的犧牲。 品酒筆記 酒香:非常複雜,新鮮甜果味層出不窮:橙、奇異果、甜瓜、芒果、棗子和葡萄乾。熱的荷蘭華夫餅與香草為基調,之上充滿香檳與高油麵團。十分可口,活力持久。 口感:柔和順滑,微妙而複雜,跟香氣匹配。棉花糖和香草奶油先聲奪人,莓果和軟糖緊隨其後,素雅的乾樹脂和棗子漸濃。 餘韻:開心果牛軋糖和焦糖太妃糖,帶牛奶朱古力味。中等強度,但非常持久,隨時間過去,逐漸形成溫和青檸、檀香和葡萄乾烤鬆餅的味道。

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