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Spink Fine Wines was created on the acquisition of the well-reputed, long-standing auction house OenoChina.

The first Spink Fine Wines sale, held in Hong Kong in March 2012, set a precedent when a new world record was achieved for a rare cognac: a Remy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask, which sold for HK$183,000, the highest price for a bottle of cognac in the world.

With strong demand coming from emerging markets, it was only natural that Spink would want to service its clients on the ground in Asia. It will therefore conduct five sales per annum from its Hong Kong headquarters.

Spink Fine Wines is able to offer new consumers in the market the same level of service from Spink as in other collecting categories, where quality and provenance are assured. Wines are typically sourced from the cellars of our best clients, who have had a longstanding relationship with Spink.

As we only offer high quality wines, buyers can be assured that rigorous research and verification is carried out before a wine is accepted for consignment. Each Spink wine sale will present the world's rarest and most prestigious bottles, alongside more affordable, high quality wines.

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