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Staoisha Cask-2017-#21650

Distillery: Bunnahabhain
Region: Islay
Age: 5 years
Distillation Date: 20th February 2017
Cask type: First Fill Ex-Bourbon (Buffalo Trace)
Peated?: Heavily Peated
Re-gauge ABV: 62.9%
Re-gauged Litres of Alcohol (RLA): 113.9 litres
New bulk litres: 181.0 litres
Re-gauge Date: 21st December 2021
Bottles: 258
Cask Number: 21650

First Fill Ex-Bourbon Peated Variant From Islay's Sleeping Giant
The Wood
The cask here is a First Fill Ex-Bourbon barrel from Kentucky-based Bourbon producers Buffalo Trace. Similar casks of this age have been snapped up and released by several independent bottlers such as Gordon & MacPhail and Douglas Laing, however rarely seen beyond 5-10 years old. There is potential for this cask to continue maturation for many years, as the regauge strength remains at a healthy 62.9% after 5 years of maturation.

The Spirit
Staoisha is a heavily peated malt produced at the Bunnahabhain distillery. Currently, about 20% of Bunnahabhain's production is peated and undergoes two fermentation cycles designed to optimise efficiency. Ferments on Mondays and Tuesdays last for 48 hours so that the wash can be distilled that same week. Ferments on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays last for 110 hours so that they are ready for distillation the following week. The spirit made from the two different fermentations are blended together before being laid to wood.
The stills are also the tallest on Islay and, at 20 feet 10 inches, among the tallest in the industry. This causes more reflux and increased copper contact, resulting in a lighter malt. That's the primary reason why Bunnahabhain's peated whiskies are so different from their historic antecedents. Rather than being oily and pungent, Bunnahabhain's current peated offerings are drier and lighter with a more pronounced peppery influence.

The Masters
The distillery manager when this cask was filled 5 years ago was Andrew Brown whose journey with Bunnahabhain began in May of 1988, when the distillery found itself short-staffed for unloading malt boats that came into their famous pier.
'After helping out on a few occasions, I was given a full-time role as warehouseman, and joined the small, hardworking team. Over the years, I was lucky enough to gain experience in most other areas of the distillery. From the summer of 1989, I worked in both the warehouse and mash house, as the relief mashman.'

Andrew Brown (2017)
He also remarks that this style of Bunnahabhain is typical of Islay but not necessarily this distillery and that he particularly likes peated Bunnahabhain paired with local Scottish oysters.

The History
Established in 1881 on a remote corner of Islay, Bunnahabhain is perhaps the most exposed distillery to the elements and in 2019 undertook a colossal redevelopment and facelift of the visitor centre offerings costing upwards of 14 million pounds. This exposure has seen popularity of the distillery grow; however, perhaps less well-known compared to other household names from the tiny island.

'It is like a sleeping giant quietly working away producing its gentle style of whisky, slowly gaining more respect and distinction as the years go by.'
Andrew Brown (Distillery Manager 2017)

來自艾雷島沉睡巨人的首充波本桶泥煤變種 木桶 此單桶是肯塔基州波本威士忌生產商水牛足迹的首充波本桶,類似年份的單桶,大多已被高登麥克菲爾和道格拉斯蘭恩等幾家獨立裝瓶商搶購及推出,5至10年單桶酒已甚為罕見。經 5 年熟成後測量桶酒狀況,其強度保持在62.9%的健康水平,此單桶當可繼續熟成多年。 酒液 顧名思義,布納哈本重泥煤是酒廠生產的重度泥煤威士忌。目前,布納哈本約20%為泥煤味產品,會經過兩輪優化效率的發酵週期。週一和週二的發酵持續48小時,以便發酵物可在同一週蒸餾。週三、四和五的發酵則持續110小時,為下週的蒸餾做好準備。由兩種不同發酵方法製成的烈酒,將在灌進木桶前混合一起。 其蒸餾器也是艾雷島最高的,高20 呎 10 吋(635公分),為業內最高的規格。如此,回流更多,與銅接鐲也更多,從而產生更輕盈的麥芽。這是布納哈本泥煤威士忌與其前輩出品如此不同的主因。布納哈本目前的泥煤威士忌不油膩不辛辣,而是更乾、更輕,帶更突出的胡椒味。 大師 安德魯·布朗是5 年前灌裝此單桶的酒廠經理,他與布納哈本的旅程始於 1988 年 5 月,當時酒廠人手不足,無法為駛入其著名碼頭的麥芽船卸貨。 「幾次幫忙後,我得到全職倉庫管理員的職位,加入了這個勤奮的小團隊。多年來,我很幸運能在酒廠其他領域獲得經驗。從1989年夏天開始,我在倉庫和糖化廠工作,當接班糖化工。」 安德魯·布朗(2017) 他還說,這種風格的布納哈本是典型艾雷島出品,不一定是這酒廠;他特別喜歡以當地蘇格蘭生蠔搭配泥煤布納哈本。 歷史 布納哈本創立於 1881 年,位於艾雷島偏遠一角,也許是最容易受自然災害影響的酒廠。2019 年,他們耗資1400多萬英鎊,大規模重建裝修遊客中心。這種曝光度使酒廠越來越受歡迎,但與小島上其他家喻戶曉的名字相比,名氣仍然較小。 「它就像一個沉睡的巨人,默默工作,生產溫和的威士忌,隨着歲月流逝,漸漸獲得更多的尊重和榮譽。」 安德魯·布朗(2017 年酒廠經理)

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