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Auction: SFW38 - Spink x Cask 88 Auction
Lot: 83

Karuizawa-1982-#8497-Gold Fish (1) Karuizawa-1984-#4021-Gold Fish (1)

Karuizawa-1982-#8497 (1)
Bottled 2012. Distilled at Karuizawa Distillery
Cask number 8497. In original carton. Good label. 70cl. Single Malt, 46% volume
Karuizawa-1984-#4021 (1)
Bottled 2012. Distilled at Karuizawa Distillery
Cask number 4021. In original carton. Level: Good label.

"…of course it's a big boy, heavily concentrated, ridden with oak oils and thick spicy notes plus a lot of dark chocolate from the best Swiss makers'. But let's not push our luck any further... With water: less sherried, more fresh and fruity, which came unexpected. Cointreau and ginger liqueur, wee touches of rum, lemon zests and black pepper. As often, the mouth feel became creamier and slightly rounder with water. Mind you, there's even a little honey! Finish: long, sweeter." (5 star - Whiskyfun)
70cl. Single Malt, 64.5% volume
2 bottles


HK$180,000 to HK$240,000

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