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Auction: SFW38 - Spink x Cask 88 Auction
Lot: 82

Karuizawa-30 year old-Arita Barley Ceramic

Distilled and bottled Karuizawa Mercian Distillery.

Sakaida Kakiemon XIV - Kaiemon was born in 1934, he was succeeded to produce polychrome over-glazing porcelain, known as "Akae".
He was inspired by the Manreki Akae works of Ming dynasty and combined with principal of Japanese painting that "Gosai" (five color) or "Shichisai" (seven colors) on the milk-white foundation The technique was named Kakiemon-style and was sought-after in Europe since 17th century. Until now, the style is still replicated by manufacturer in many countries such as the Chelsea kiln in UK, Meissen kiln of Germany and the Delft kiln in Netherlands.
The Kakiemon-style was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Treasure of Japan in March 1971.
700ml. Weight: 1.12kg. Single Malt., 43% volume.
1 ceramic bottle

Karuizawa-30 year old-有田焼 濁手麦文瓶,柿右衛門生於1934年,成功生產出多色的釉瓷,稱為「赤繪」。

HK$120,000 to HK$160,000

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