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Auction: CSS92B - Chinese Banknotes and Coins
Lot: 1059

Central Bank of China, archival photograph for an unissued reverse design 500 yuan, 1944, also an archival photograph of the reverse of 10 yuan, 1942,
500 yuan PMG 64, 10 yuan uncirculated. 500 yuan with similar design to the 1941-47 DLR series. Interesting (2)

中央銀行背面檔案照片一對,分別為民國三十三年伍百圓及民國二十一年拾圓,前者為未經採納設計,分別PMG 64及UNC品相,伍百圓與1941-47年德拉魯系列設計相若,有趣的一組


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