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Auction: CSS92B - Chinese Banknotes and Coins
Lot: 1058

Central Bank of China, archival photographs for unissued reverse designs of 100 yuan (3), ca. 1940s, uniface, all with serial number at lower left and upper rights, each with Hanyang Ironworks, sitting miner, workers pushing cart on railway respectively,
printed by DLR. all in PMG holder. An interesting group (3)

1940年代中央銀行壹百圓背面檔案照片一組3枚,為未經採納設計,左下及右上均有編號000000,分別有漢陽鋼鐵廠、礦工、鐵路工人,德拉魯廠,分別評PMG 64, 64, 58,有趣的一組


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