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Auction: 344 - The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale at Grand Hyatt, NY INC
Lot: 42

German States, Hamburg, Freie Hansestadt, gold Bank Portugaloser of 10-Ducats, 34.83g, 1689, signed on the obverse i-r for the engraver Johann Reteke, sub umbrua alarum tuarum, view of the city of Hamburg from across the river Elbe, shipping in the foreground, the radiant 'jehova' in clouds above, the initials i-r divided by hamburg, in cartouche in exergue, rev. * banchorum in europa bono cum deo erectorum memoria. m.dc.lxxxix:, four oval shields of the cities of, above, Venice, to left and right, Amsterdam and Hamburg, and below, Nurnberg, each in a baroque cartouche, the cartouches linked and bordered by ribbands and flowers, a winged angel head above, the initials hbm, for Hinrich Burmeister, the ältester Bankbürger, the senior merchant citizen of the Hamburg Specie-Bank, below (Gaedechens vol. III, p.103, no.1643; Forrer v, 95), brilliant uncirculated, a magnificent example, very rare
The Burmester (or Burmeister) family was one of the largest and most important merchant families in Hamburg during the 17th century. They were heavily involved in the flourishing trade between the city and Portugal, a trade which went via Amsterdam, and also naturally involved the main Mediterranean trading port of Venice. Hinrich Burmester is honoured here as the senior member of this important family and the senior Hamburg merchant at this time, a tribute that no doubt pleased his kinsman Peter Burmester, who was the President of the Hamburg Commercial Deputation (Chamber of Commerce) from May 1687 to May 1689.

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