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Auction: 344 - The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale at Grand Hyatt, NY INC
Lot: 40

German States, Hamburg, Freie Hansestadt, gold Portugaloser of 10-Ducats, 35.43g, undated (1578-1582), mint master Andreas Metzner, legend in two concentric circles, outer, moneta. nova. avrea. civitatis hambvrgensis., inner, + nach. portvgalis. schrot. vnd. korn,the arms of the City, a three towered fortress, the portcullis partly raised in the central gateway, rev. * in. expo. crvcifixo. pendit. salvs nr-a. , the Badge of the Portuguese Order of Christ, a lozenge with a trefoil of pellets in each angle, within a cartouche border (Gaedechens vol.II, p.213, no.1; F.1091), good very fine, extremely rare, the earliest type of the Hamburg 10-Ducat series, and one of the finest examples of this very rare issue in private hands.

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