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Auction: 19010 - The Philatelic Collectors' Series Sale
Lot: 2417

(x) Collection and Ranges
A marvellous accumulation of British Commonwealth paper, overprint/surcharge and plate varieties housed in a stockbook including (all mint unless otherwise stated) Ascension 1922 2d. with blot on scroll, 1924-33 ½d. to 3/- set of twelve each with broken mainmast, 1½d. with broken scroll and 2d. with cleft rock, 1938-53 perf 13 2d. with mountaineer flaw and 1987 Ruby Wedding 20p. interpanneau strip of four with overprint double; Australia 1942-50 2½d. horizontal pair, the right stamp imperforate (Ceremuga certificate, 2017), 1965 Christmas 5d. with blue omitted and 1972 Christmas 7c. with brown-red omitted (unmounted); Bahamas 1942 Columbus 6d. used vertical pair, the upper stamp with variety "coiumbus"; Barbados 1892-1903 CA 2/6d. blue-black and orange block of four with watermark inverted (unmounted); Bermuda 1938-53 line perf 14¼ 2/6d. with broken lower right scroll (used), comb perf 14 2/- purple and blue on deep blue with gash in chin and 2/- purple and deep blue on pale blue with broken lower right scroll; British Honduras 1935 Jubilee 25c. with extra flagstaff; British Solomon Islands 1907 Large Canoe 2½d. vertical pair variety imperforate between (no gum); Canada 1927 Confederation commemorative 1c. to 12c. in imperforate pairs (3c. vertical), 1937-38 50c. imperforate vertical pair and Official 1949 50c. with missing stop after "s" (used); Cook Islands 1932 2½d. with centre inverted (unmounted); Cyprus 1882-86 CA Die I 1pi. with top left triangle detached (used); Gambia Jubilee 6d. and 1/- top right corner blocks of four with lightning conductor; Gibraltar 1935 Jubilee 3d., 6d. lower left corner block of four and single with extra flagstaff; Great Britain 1966 Birds 4d. se-tenant block of four with emerald-green omitted and 1968 Paintings 4d. with vermilion omitted (unmounted); Grenada 1875 (July) 1/- with variety "shlliing" (used; small thin) and 1889 (Dec.) ½d. on 2/- with surcharge double (used; R.P.S. certificate 1929); India 1935 Jubilee 3½a. with "bird" flaw (2, one used) and Official 1906 ½a. with no stop after "m"; Jamaica 1905-11 MCA 1/- brown top left corner block of four, one with "$" for "s" in "shilling" (mounted in the selvedge only and 1935 Jubilee 1/- with extra flagstaff (used); Kuwait 1939 1r., 2r and 10r. with extended "t" (each with Ceramuga certificate 2017); Malaya Straits Settlements 1912-23 MCA $1 with watermark inverted and Trengganu 1942 unissued 2c., 6c. and 8c.; Malta 1922 Self-Government MCA 5/- with broken Crown and scroll and 1935 Jubilee ½d., 6d. and 1/- with lightning conductor; Morocco Agencies on Gibraltar 1903-05 CA 50c. pair, one with broad top to "m", French currency 1936 5c. on ½d. with line through "postage" (unmounted; PF certificate 2016) and Tangier 1948 Wedding 2½d. with overprint at top; Nauru 1916 5d. marginal pair showing variety "naup.u"; Newfoundland 1919 (June) Air $1 on 15c. vertical pair, the lower stamp with no comma after "air post" and 1931 Air, no watermark 50c. vertical pair imperforate between (unmounted); New Zealand 1936-42 perf 13½x14 2/- with variety "coqk"States II and III; Niue 1902 Basted Mills ½d. horizontal pair showing mixed perfs (a few toned perfs; BPA certificate 2016); Norfolk Island 1997 Butterflies 75c. with gold omitted (unmounted); North Borneo 1891 6c. on 8c. with inverted "c" in "cents" (used) and Postal Fiscal 1886 10c. on 50c. with no stop after "Cents" and stop after "Revenue"; Northern Rhodesia 1935 Jubilee 1d. with dot by flagstaff (used); Rhodesia 1913 Admiarl 1½d. drab-brown horizontal pair imperforate between; Seychelles 1893 3c. on 4c. with surcharge inverted, 1901 6c. on 8c. with surcharge inverted (thinned and slightly soiled; RPS certificate 1979) and 1935 Jubilee 1r. lower left corner block of four with extra flagstaff; South Africa 1930-44 1/- pair with watermark inverted and showing twisted horn flaw, 1933-48 6d. pair with "molehill" flaw, 1942-44 War Effort 2d. pair with roulette omitted and Official 1935-49 1/- used vertical pair with diaeresis over second "e" of "offiseel" (English stamp; RPS certificate 1982); South Australia Official 1874-77 perf 11½-12½ 1d. variety printed on both sides (used; RPS certificate 2001); Sudan 1903 5m. on 5pi .with surcharge inverted and Official 1902 1m. with overprint inverted and round stops (used); Togo 1915 (May) 5/- with no hyphen after "anglo"; and Uganda 1902 ½a. with overprint inverted. A fine lot and well worth viewing to appreciate the whole scope. Stated to catalogue over £82,000. Photo for selection

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