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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1209

1897 (26 Jan.) large envelope registered to Vienna bearing 1c. on 30c. (59) all with variety surcharge diagonal and tied/cancelled by good strikes of Hankow Local Post c.d.s. in black; sent through the British Post Office in Hankow with Hong Kong 10c. purple on red (4) tied by Hankow c.d.s. (26.1) with the large "R" in circle, Hong Kong transit (2.2) and French packet boat (3.2) datestamp alongside; the reverse, which bears a block of thirty two of the provisional with British Post Office Shanghai (29.1) c.d.s. and Vienna arrival (3.3). There are a few faults which are to be expected on a cover of this size. An extraordinary cover being the only international cover bearing the second provisional and the only examples of the diagonal surcharge used on cover. Pays the triple U.P.U. rate of 10c. plus 10c. registration. An exhibition item of the greatest quality. Photo

1897年1月26日漢口寄維也納掛號大型信封, 封面貼三角洋錢改一分票二十七枚, 全為"斜蓋"變體票, 銷黑色漢口工部日戳, 因同日通過英國在漢口客郵局寄遞, 所以補貼香港女皇票十仙四枚, 銷1月26日漢口英國客郵戳, 另有一圓框"R"掛號戳, 香港2月2日中轉戳, 再經法國十號郵船蓋2月3日戳前往維也納; 封背則貼三角洋錢改一分三十二方連一件, 另有1月29日上海英國客郵中轉戳及3月3日維也納到達戳; 國際實寄封上貼罕見的三角洋錢改一分"斜蓋"變體票, 相信是存世孤品, 實為郵展中不可缺席的珍貴郵品.

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