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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1208

1896 (17 Aug.) envelope to Shanghai bearing pair of second provisional 1c. on 30c., horizontal surcharge [2-3] tied by a light strike of the Hankow Local Post c.d.s. in orange-red, a further strike on the reverse along with a poor strike of Shanghai Local Post c.d.s. in bright red. This is a very rare franking on cover with no other covers recorded, a very early date of used of this provisional which was issued in August 1896. Photo

1896年8月17日漢口寄上海封, 貼第二次加蓋改值票一分於三角洋錢票一對, 銷橙紅色漢口工部日戳, 封背蓋另一枚相同的漢口工部日戳, 旁有不太清晰的紅色上海工部到達日戳, 這是該加蓋票的發行首月封, 亦可能是存世唯一貼用第二次加蓋改值票之實寄封.

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