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Auction: SFW50 - Spink x Cask 88-Fine Wine & Whisky Auction
Lot: 276

Macallan Glenlivet-1949-50 year old Decanter
Bottled in 2000. Bottled for a private company in Japan.
Certificate no. 160 of 160, designed by Kohei Miura-Calligraphy Artist. In Baccarat Decanter & Stopper. Nature Cask strength, Oloroso Sherry cask. In wooden presentation case. Good label. Level: 5cm below base of cork.

When the whisky in this decanter was distilled, less than half of the 20th Century had passed. Now, 51 years later it represents the most dramatic celebration of the Second Millennium. It has passed the last half-century in dark, solitude within its oaken sherry cask.

During the time, more than half the whisky has evaporated -"gone to the angel" as the Scots say; and its strength has diminished from original 65% to a mere 41% of alcohol by volume. But that which remains-only enough to fill 160 decanters- is more than doubly precious.

750ml. Single Malt., 40.25% volume.
1 crystal decanter

"...Mouth: Resinous, waxy, full of dark fruits, crystallised citrus rind, motor oil, herbal peat, coal and tar liqueur. It's surprisingly fat, emphatic and rich on the palate given the ABV. A velvety, verging on oily, mouthfeel. Becomes increasingly meaty with notes of beef stock, heather, olive oil and black pepper. Some tropical fruits lurking in the depths as well. Finish: A good length with notes of strong tea, lemon balm, chamomile, earl grey, pipe tobacco, cough medicine and some soft, dark fruits. Comments: A great privilege to try a rather historic and fascinating bottling. I suppose you could say it's a tad disappointing given the age and provenance but it is an old and somewhat fragile whisky after all. Still, let's not split hairs, it's still a beautiful and hugely elegant old dram." (5 Stars-Whiskyfun)


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