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Auction: SFW48 - Spink x Cask 88-Fine Wine & Whisky Auction
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Yamazaki-20 Anniversary-1986
Bottled 2006. Distilled and bottled at Yamazaki Distillery
Single cask. Cask Strength. In original carton. Level: 3.6cm below capsule.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Suntory Hall. I am deeply grateful for your warm support and kindness over the years.

In 1996, at our tenth anniversary party, we asked our distinguished guests to commemorate this event by autographing a cask of single-malt whisky that had been born in 1986, the year our hall opened.
Over the past decade, this cask has been left to mature in the tranquil setting of our Yamazaki Distillery outside Kyoto. Now to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have bottled this distinctive single cask whisky from that very cask, which we would like to present to you as a token of our appreciation.
As you savour the deep, subtle flavour of this single cask whisky, one that has matured together with Suntory Hall, I hope it will bring back vivid memories of the performances you have enjoyed with us.

Nobutada Saji
President of Suntory

700ml. Single Malt., 58% volume.
1 bottle

2006年是三得利音樂廳成立 20 週年,您多年來熱情支持與善待,我感激萬分。2006年是三得利音樂廳成立 20 週年,您多年來熱情支持與善待,我感激萬分。1996 年,在音樂廳10週年派對上,我們邀請各位貴賓於一桶誕生於1986年的單一麥芽威士忌上簽名留念,1986 年乃音樂廳開幕之年。活動之後的十年,這桶酒一直在我們京都郊外山崎蒸餾所的安靜環境中熟成。如今,為慶祝音樂廳 20 週年,我們以那桶佳釀裝瓶,向您呈獻這款獨特單桶威士忌,以示感謝。當您品嚐這款與三得利音樂廳一起成長的單桶威士忌,我希望其中深邃微妙的味道,能喚起您與我們一起欣賞精彩表演的美好回憶。佐治信忠三得利館長

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