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Auction: SFW45 - Spink x Cask 88-Fine Wine & Whisky Auction
Lot: 247

An Exceptional Old Bottlings by Kingsbury (5)
All Bottled by Kingsbury & Co., Ltd., Aberdeen

Glen Albyn-1967-34 year old-#3920 (1)
Bottle number 95 of 239. Hogshead. Good labelling with minor staining. Level: top shoulder.

"...Comments: I think the cask was really great here and did a lot of the leg work, but of course 1960s Glen Albyn was also a bit more positively characterful than some of the rather more funky 1970s counterparts. All in all this is rather delicious stuff!" (5 stars-Whiskyfun)

70cl. Single Malt., 51.3% volume.

Glen Grant-1972-31 year old-#697 (1)
Bottle number 226 of 454. Cask no. 697, Sherry. Good label. Level: into neck.

"...Mouth: oh, this is way better. Powerful but also quite minty right at the attack, with lots of cooked fruits, butter caramel, again the raisins… Grows bolder by the minute, the sherry getting almost overwhelming now. More hyper-fortified oloroso than ‘olorosoed’ whisky. Gets really invading, coating, thicker and thicker (almost like honey considering the mouth feel). How concentrated!" (4 stars-Whiskyfun)

70cl. Single Malt., 56.5% volume.

Glenturret-1965-34 year old-#1544 (1)
Bottle number 159 of 222. Cask no.1544, Sherry. Good label. Level: top shoulder. 70cl. Single Malt., 46.2% volume.

Isle of Jura-1975-28 year old-#2786 (1)
Bottle number 88 of 129. Cask no. 2786, Sherry. Level: top shoulder. 70cl. Single Malt., 50.9% volume.

Mosstowie-1976-23 year old-#12888 (1)
Bottle number 193 of 240. Cask no. 12888, Bourbon. Good label. Level: top shoulder. 70cl. Single Malt., 54.8% volume.
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