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Yamazaki Single Cask-1984-34 year old-#WI2171

Bottled 2018. Distilled and Bottled at Yamazaki Distillery
Cask no. WI2171, Puncheon. In original carton. Good label. Level: into neck.
April 2018 Suntory Liquor Co., Ltd.

Dear Sirs,

We look forward to your continue support. I would like to thank you for giving me your highest regards for our products. When we came to Yamazaki Distillery at our "60th Anniversary of the Whisky making".
In the year of 1984, we took out the original cask from Yamazaki Distillery storage that you had signed as a memorial, and had been bottled now in 2018. This Single Malt came from a single cask, packed with raw malt whisky distilled in 1984, and aged in a puncheon barrel. We hope you enjoyed it. Once again, we look forward to your continue support.
700ml. Single Malt., 57% volume.
1 bottle

2018年4月 三得利酒業有限公司 親愛的先生們, 感謝您對我們產品給予最殷切的關注,我們期待您繼續的支持。在1984年,當我們慶祝山崎酒廠「釀造威士忌60週年」時,我們從酒廠取出一桶酒給您簽名作為紀念,並於2018年把那桶酒裝瓶。這單一麥芽美酒來自一桶原酒,盛裝着1984年蒸餾並在龐頌桶中陳釀的生麥芽威士忌,希望您喜歡。再次期待您一如既往的支持我們。 謹上

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