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Auction: SFW38 - Spink x Cask 88 Auction
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Ben Nevis Cask-2012-#2040

Distillery: Ben Nevis
Region: Highland
Age: 9 years
Distillation Date: 19th December 2012
Cask type: Refill Hogshead
Peated?: No
Re-gauge ABV: 60.2%
Re-gauged Litres of Alcohol (RLA): 129.8 litres
New Bulk Litres: 215.6 litres
Re-gauge Date: 11th April 2022

Bottles: 308
Cask Number: 2040

Rich and Complex Single Malt from a Distillery of International Regard

Cask description

The Wood
Ben Nevis has only one core product, a 10 year old matured in a mixture of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, which has the reputation of a real classic among single malt aficionados. This refill hogshead is akin to those used in the distillery's acclaimed core releases, and has held its strength excellently over nearly a decade of maturation, now sitting at 60.2% ABV. Along with the expected bottle count from this cask, this indicates great promise in the cask for the long-term.

The Spirit
The distillation process at Ben Nevis Distillery is slow and steady. The distillery employs the minimum fermentation time (48 hours) and the result is a spirit which has a rich, ripe and chewy texture. Water is drawn from the Allt a Mhullin ( al - ta - voo - lin ), which originates from two pools of snowmelt - the Coire Leis and Coire na' Ciste - on the highest peak in Britain, and flows down through peat soil and granite giving it a soft character.

The Masters
Colin Ross is an icon within Scotch whisky production; inducted into the Whisky Hall of Fame in 2015; his career spanned over 55 years in the industry. He began in 1965, polishing the corridors at Strathisla with the lofty title of Assistant Manager.
"I started on January 2nd 1963, and I think they'd forgotten I was coming. The Manager opened his office store cupboard, my hopes rose, but he produced a giant tin of wax and left me to get on with it!"

- Colin Ross, Ben Nevis Distillery Manager (2005)

During his time at Ben Nevis distillery he worked tirelessly to promote the single malt brand and worked closely with his colleagues in Japan to ensure the highest quality of spirit was sent over.

The History
In 1989 the Japanese distiller Nikka bought the distillery. Today the spirit is still produced in the old fashion to be fruity, rich and oily. Wooden washbacks, and yeasting by distiller's yeast in bags, set the basis for the developments of flavours.

"Fermentation sets the basis of quality "
Managing Director Colin Ross.

This cask is an opportunity to purchase some of the last spirit filled by Colin Ross and at the time this cask was filled around 75% of the spirit produced at Ben Nevis distillery was being shipped across to Japan for maturation and used by The Nikka Whisky Distilling Company in their portfolio.

Tasting Notes
Nose: Black liquorice and grapefruit marry seamlessly with elderflower and dry hay. Drier notes develop with time, spearheaded by roast cashews and polished mahogany. A drop of water reveals intense custard cream biscuit scent.
Palate: Lime zest and red chillies dominate initially but wane to reveal delicate floral and melon notes. Rich and waxy mouthfeel and a touch of dark chocolate develops over time.
Finish: Medium in length and full of floral complexity. Dry pine needles balance the flowers to give an elegance and poise. Dark chocolate returns as a final flourish.

國際知名釀酒廠豐富複雜的單一麥芽威士忌 單桶詳情 木桶 班尼富只有10年陳釀一個核心產品,混合波本與雪利酒桶,在單一麥芽威士忌愛好者中享有真正經典的口碑。此再充豬頭桶跟酒廠廣受好評的核心產品一樣,在近十年的熟成中保持出色強度,現在酒精度為60.2%;考慮到該單桶的預期裝瓶數,長期升值能力很高。 酒液 班尼富酒廠的蒸餾過程緩慢而穩定,採用最短的發酵時間(48 小時),釀出的烈酒豐富成熟、質地耐喝。水取自磨坊溪,源自英國最高峰上兩個融雪湖泊Coire Leis 和 Coire na' Ciste,流經泥煤土和花崗岩,賦予它柔軟的個性。 大師 科林·羅斯是蘇格蘭威士忌業界的標誌性人物,2015年入選威士忌名人堂,職業生涯跨越55年。他從 1965 年開始,以助理經理的崇高職稱打掃史翠艾拉酒廠的走廊。 「我1965年1月2日第一天上班,我想他們忘了我要來,經理打開他辦公室的儲物櫃,我想是品酒嗎?但他拿出一大罐蠟,讓我去幹活!」 ——科林·羅斯,班尼富酒廠經理(2005 年) 在班尼富酒廠工作期間,他孜孜不倦地推廣這單一麥芽威士忌品牌,並與日本同事密切合作,以確保最高質量烈酒的供應。 歷史 1989 年,日本一甲蒸餾所收購了班尼富。今天,此酒仍以老工序生產,具果味、豐富度和油潤感。使用木質發酵槽及袋裝酵母,為其風味的發展奠定了基礎。 「發酵是品質的基礎」 總經理科林·羅斯 此單桶是購得科林·羅斯親自灌裝烈酒的最後機會之一,當時桶內裝了75%班尼富,然後運往日本熟化,以用於一甲蒸餾所的出品。 品酒筆記 酒香:黑甘草和西柚,跟接骨木花和乾草完美融合。隨時間果味減弱,烤腰果與順滑桃花心木益顯,加一滴水,即散發濃郁的奶油餅乾味。 口感:青檸皮和紅辣椒最初占主導,但逐漸減弱,呈現精緻花香和甜瓜味。隨時間推移,豐富而蠟質的口感和淡淡的黑朱古力味逐漸形成。 餘韻:中等長度,充滿複雜花香。乾松針與花香平衡,優雅沉穩,濃郁黑朱古力回歸作結。

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