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Auction: SFW30 - An Evening of Great Whiskies and Rums
Lot: 9

Dalmore - 50 years old miniature decanter.
Distilled and bottled by Dalmore Distillery.
Aged more than 50 years from vintages selected between 1868 and 1939.
Bottle number 8 of 50 allocated for the Asian market.
Total 191 miniature bottles filled.
Comes in original decanter, matching stopper, neck tag, certificate, Master Distiller's letter and gift case.
"8 of 50" engraved on the front side of the decanter, which is believed to be done purposely and exclusively by the first owner of the set.
10cl. 52.8%

The casks used for this single malt were a combination of vintages from 1868, 1878, 1922, 1926 and 1939.

Cask one chosen was distilled in June 1868. Having aged for a dozen of years, in August 1880 and October 1891, the whisky was twice transferred (re-racked) into another sherry wood for more characters.
The second cask went through a similar path. Distilled February 1878, re-racked April 1890 and April 1908.
Cask three, distilled March 1922.
Then these three casks were each re-racked once again in the year of 1926, into another three barrels where they were then laid quietly for 55 years, until September 1977, that they were once again disturbed, and this time combined the three into one single butt where it sat for another few months. On February 1978, the vat was then removed from wood and set quietly in glass.

Like the history above was not rich enough, there were another two casks picked to craft this one fine expression: cask four and five were both distilled in 1939, after 52 years in wood, they were set aside in glass in October 1991.

These two 1939 whiskies were later vatted into the former mix by Master Distiller, Richard Patterson, and the result? 191 bottles of this miniature decanters full of The Dalmore's finest life.