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Auction: CSS92B - Chinese Banknotes and Coins
Lot: 1107

National Commercial & Savings Bank Limited, China, obverse and reverse specimen for $50, Shanghai, 1924, zero serial numbers, green, Great Wall at centre,
(Pick S455s1, 2), both PMG 64 Choice Uncirculated. Second highest denomination after the $100. With only 4 specimen examples graded and this is the only uniface pair. Very rare (2)

民國十三年香港國民商業儲蓄銀行伍拾圓正反面單面樣票一對,上海地名,編號000000,均評PMG 64,繼壹百圓後第二高面值,僅有4枚樣票經評級,如本品般以一對形式亮相絕無僅有,萬勿錯過


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