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Auction: CSS92B - Chinese Banknotes and Coins
Lot: 1003

Kwong Sang Hong, Nanking / Hong Kong, a group of Kwong Sang Hong related documents mainly from the 1920's, including 2x Guarantees of payment from 1927 and 1929; 1x managerial charter from 1926 hand-signed by founder of the company Fung Fook Tien; 1x buyer's contract from 1927; 1x annual financial report from 1928; 1x receipt of Kwong Sang Hong payment to Fudan Newspaper for advertisement in 1939 in Yunnan, with the location being noteworthy, and likely a result of Japanese occupation during the Second World War; the buyer's contract Very Fine and the rest are generally About Extremely Fine. A varied and interesting lot which delves into the operations of the company which founded the iconic Two Girls cosmetics brand. After the second world war, the company diversified into property and finance till this day (6)



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