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Auction: CSS82B - Hong Kong Printing Press Specimens
Lot: 1059

King Hop Chong, $1 'Dragon Dollar', specimen, Tai Cheong Long, 1914, black on blue guilloche underprint, Chinese style house at lower left,
PMG 62 Uncirculated (Previously Mounted). Similar in appearance to the Hong Kong HSBC $1 notes at the time and unusual to label the denomination as 'Dragon Dollar' after the fall of the Qing Dynasty. Rather unusual and strikes a chord with Hong Kong collectors!

民國三年敬合莊龍壹員樣票,大長隴地名,PMG 62,有黏貼痕跡,設計與同期匯豐銀行1元類似,清廷沒落後罕見以龍洋作面額,稀品,定必引起香港紙鈔藏家興趣

HK$8,000 to HK$15,000

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