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Auction: CSS82A - Chinese Banknotes
Lot: 12

Qing Dynasty, Surcoat of a civil official from the Chinese Imperial Court (Bufu), Qing Dynasty civil officials had to follow strict and standardised code of dress as the ruling Manchurian elite sought to make their mark in cultural and social hierarchy, with each rank and position having their own regulations over the colour, dimensions, quality of workmanship, materials and embellishments of the garments. The front-opening specimen present here is in the typical black colour of the Qing Imperial Court woven in pure silk, featuring a Mandarin Square embroidered with the tradtional symbols of imperial authority at the front and back serving as a rank badge, and gilt-metal buttons which goes through loops for a secure fit. A rare item which offers a glimpse of the the imperial era of Machurian rule in the Forbidden City


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