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Auction: CSS36 - Banknotes, Bonds & Shares and Coins of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1131

People's Bank of China, 1st series renminbi, 1951, 5000 yuan, 'Mongolian Yurt', serial number 2478917,
(Pick 857Ba), PCGS Gold Shield Grading 6 Good. An original note that has seen much circulation but still either the 2nd or 3rd KEY NOTE of this immensely popular series. Since high grade notes are beyond the reach of many collectors this is a good chance to acquire a very difficult type!

1948-49年中國人民銀行第一版人民幣5000元(蒙古包)編號2478917,PCGS Gold Shield Grading 6,原裝一版人民幣十珍之一,人民幣收藏家不容錯過

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