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Auction: CSS106 - A choice selection of Hong Kong Banknote rarities from the 'Chan' collection
Lot: 11

Mercantile Bank of India, Hong Kong, $100, 1.12.1937, serial number 51561, one handsigned signature, printed Benson signature,
(Pick 239c), PCGS Currency 12 Fine, small splits, writing on face and back. 7000 notes issued for this date for the $100, hence much scarcer then the $10 and $5. Sought after for collectors due to its low print run. First time seen as a triplet set and took the collector many years to assemble! Not to be missed!

1937年有利銀行壹佰員,編號51561,手簽票,右下方印有本森簽名,PCGS 12,有微裂、正反兩面均有書寫。該年份僅發行7000枚,較同系列之拾員及伍員稀少,香港紙幣藏家趨之若鶩藏。藏家花費多年時間才將此品與對上兩項之伍拾員及拾員湊合成一組,並首次於拍賣會中以連續三項出售,不容錯過!


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