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Auction: 355 - The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale at NY INC, Grand Hyatt
Lot: 3

Kushan Empire. Vima Kadphises (ca.113-127/8). AV Double Dinara. Main Baktrian mint. 15.98 gms. Bilingual series. ??C????C oo? - ?o ?????C?C, bearded king seated cross-legged facing, head ¾ right, atop mountain, wearing a tall round cap with upturned peak, surmounted by small crescents, diadem ribbons behind, flames emerging from shoulders, an open robe with double clasp, trousers, and heavy padded boots, holding a knobbed club over his right shoulder, left hand concealed in sleeve, tamgha in left field, rev. Oesho standing facing, head left, ithyphallic and naked except for a diaphanous garment, amulet string across chest, holding trident and animal skin, Nandi the bull behind, nandipada symbol in left field, Kharoshthi legend around: maharajasa rajadirajasa sarvaloga'i?varasa mahi?varasa v'ima kathpi?asa tradara (of great king, king of kings, lord of the world, great lord, Vima Kadphises, saviour). Göbl 10; Bopearachchi, Ser.VIII, 13: Jongeward & Cribb 259; Sunrise 522. Small natural declivity on obverse from strike. Choice About as Struck.

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