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Auction: 336 - The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale
Lot: 1906

Great Britain. Mudie's National Series of Medals. In 1820 James Mudie published a set of forty 41 mm bronze medals celebrating the naval and military victories of the Napoleonic Wars. The book that accompanies these medals commences with this dedication: "TO HIS MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY GEORGE THE FOURTH. Sire, Under you Majesty's auspicious Government the British arms achieved a succession of Victories over the most powerful enemy with whom this country ever contended. These Victories terminated in his surrender and downfall. A series, of Medals, important in design and execution, transmitting the record of such momentous and glorious successes to Posterity, wanted only the gracious sanction of your Majesty's encouragement…" Medals in bronze were 10s 6d. each, or Twenty Guineas for the series including an elegant case, arranged for the library or cabinet. The following medals are included: 1.George III Dedication 1817; 2. Settlement of the British at Bombay 1602; East India Co's Victory over the French 1804; 3. Naval Victory of the 1st of June 1794; 4. Battle of Cape St. Vincent 1791; 5. Battle of Camperdown 1797; 6. Horatio Nelson Memorial. 1805; 7.Defence of Acre 1799; 8. Arrival of the English Army in Egypt. 1801; 9. Egypt Delivered. 1801; 10. Victory Honours of Scottish Regiments. 1815; 11. Royal Military College. Presentation of Colours. 1813; 12. English Army Arrives in the Penninsula. 1808; 13. Battle of Vimiera. English Army enters Lisbon. 1808; 14. Death of Sir John Moore. 1809; 15. Passage of the Douro. 1809; 16. Battle of Talavera. 1809; 17. English Army on the Tagus. 1810-1811; 18. Battle of Albuera. 1811; 19. Capture of Badajoz. 1812; 20. Battle of Almarez. 1812; 21. Battle of Salamanca. British Army enters Madrid. 1812; 22. Battle of Vitoria. 1813; 23. Battle of the Pyrenees. 1813; 24. Battle of San Sebastian. 1813; 25. Surrender of Pamplona. 1813; 26. Battle of Toulouse. 1814; 27. Peace in Europe. 1814; 28. England gives Peace to the World. 1814; 29. Treaties of Paris. 1814; 30. Visit of the Allied Sovereigns to England. 1814; 31. English Army Re-enters Hanover. 1814; 32. Flight of Napoleon from Elba; Declaration of the congress of Vienna.1815; 33. British Army in The Netherlands. 1815; 34. Charge of the British at Waterloo. 1815; 35. Battle of Waterloo. 1815; 36. British Army enters Paris. 1815; 37. Surrender of Napoleon. 1815; 38. Napoleon on St. Helena. 1815; 39. Admiral Lord Exmouth. 1816; 40. Constitution given to the Ionian Islands. 1817. Housed in the original velvet trays, numbered 1-40. The outer case is not present. The medals are in an excellent state of preservation. Also included is AN HISTORICAL AND CRITICAL ACCOUNT OF A GRAND SERIES OF NATIONAL MEDALS. Published in 1820 under the direction of James Mudie by Henry Colburn, and Co., Conduit Street. 151pp. 4to. Ex Libras J. Lawson Whalley, a famous 19th Century British numismatist. The book, obtained from Maggs in 1994, has a pencil notation that states "Suburb binding. Short marginal tear on the title page (repaired with acid-free archival tape)." A wonderful companion to this extraordinary set of British medals. Rarely offered. Bid accordingly.

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