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Auction: 24015 - Stamps and Covers of Great Britain
Lot: 1429

Great Britain
Collections and Ranges
1840-QEII, a valuable mint and used collection, the majority contained in two green lighthouse albums including 1840 1d. lettersheet used and 2d. lettersheet unused, 1840 1d. black used singles (6), mostly four margins with additional horizontal strip of four (faults), on cover (5), all with four margins and 2d. blue, good to large margins, all used, the latter with red Maltese Cross, 1841 1d. red, close to large margins and 2d. blue, touched on one side, both mint with additional 1841 2d. strips of four (2), both used, 1864-79 used plate range with additional plate 201 marginal block of twelve (2x6) mint and marginal 1858-76 2d. single mint, 1870 ½d. used selection with imprimatur lettered TX, 1870-74 1½d. rosy mauve overprinted "specimen", 1847-54 6d., 10d. (2) and 1/- all used, each with four clear margins; Surface Printed with covers to overseas destinations, with 1857 emblems 6d. and 1/- seemingly unused, 1862-64 9d. (2) used and cleaned, 1867-80 6d. imprimatur, 3d. 6d. hyphen plate 6 and without hyphen plate 8, 9d., 10d. (fault), 1/- and 2/- blue (crease) all unused, 10d. used (2), 2/- brown used and 2/- blue used 1873-80 6d. grey, plate 13 horizontal pair unused, 1867-83 Watermark Maltese Cross 5/- (2), 10/- and £1 used, Watermark Anchor 5/- regummed and with faults, £1 used and £5 orange used, 1873-80 values with 2½d. rosy-mauve, all plates unused, plate 17 with bends, Spray of Rose 1/- green and 1/- orange-brown unused, 1880-83 3d. on 3d. and 6d. on 6d. unused, 1883-84 2/6d., 5/- and 10/- unused with used examples, 1884 £1 used (2), 1888 £1 broken frame used, 1883 or 1884 set to 1/- mint (faults), 1887-1900 Jubilee set to £1 mint with additional £1 used, 1902-10 unused and used sets and 1911 set to £1 unused, KGV with Waterlow £1 unused, De La Rue and Bradbury sets to 10/-, 1912-24 values with watermark varieties, 1929 corner marginal P.U.C. £1, KGV and QEII ranges, Telegraph 1876-81 £1 and £5 used; also six further albums or stock books with various ranges, some better. Mixed condition though a very valuable lot, well worth careful viewing.

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