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The Army L.S. & G.C. awarded to Sergeant-Instructor of Musketry, J. Neal, 8th Hussars, who won the D.C.M. and who probably rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava on 25 October 1854

Army L.S. & G.C. V.R. (1185 Sergt Instr Muskr Jas Neal 8th Hussars.) light contact marks and lightly toned, otherwise very fine

Mackenzie Collection, 1911.

[D.C.M.] Recommendation dated 12 January 1855.

James Neal was born in London in 1833 and attested for the 8th Hussars at Hounslow, Middlesex, on 11 August 1851. He embarked for the Crimea in the H.T. Echunga on 15 May 1854, and served with the Regiment as part of the Light Brigade throughout the Crimean War. Although he is not recorded as a confirmed ‘Charger’, most members of the Light Brigade entitled to the Balaklava clasp, in the absence of any evidence or status details to the contrary, took part in the Charge, and their absence from one of more reconstructions does not preclude them from having taken part in the Charge of the Light Brigade. In the case of Neal it is hard to believe that he was recommended for the D.C.M. for anything other than distinguished conduct on that occasion. Of the eight D.C.M’s won by the regiment in the Crimea, all recommended on the same date, all but one other are to confirmed chargers, the one other, Private Patrick Dunn, being attached to Lord Raglan’s staff.

Neal was promoted Corporal on 1 November 1854; Sergeant on 15 December 1854; Troop Sergeant Major on 18 December 1855; and Quartermaster Sergeant on 14 December 1856. He subsequently served with the Regiment for six and a half years in India, and helped suppress the Great Sepoy Mutiny. He was appointed Sergeant Instructor of Musketry on 23 August 1867, and was awarded his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal on 11 August 1872. He was discharged on 4 November 1873, after 22 years and 86 days’ service. He was to live in Coupar, Scotland but was living in Perth, Australia from 1875.

His D.C.M. and campaign Medals were sold at Noonan's on 27 February 2019, Lot 49.

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