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Pair: Sergeant W. Longhurst, M Battery, 1st Brigade Royal Artillery

Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, undated reverse, 1 clasp, Tamaai (11595, Sergt. W. Longurst, M/1st Bde. R.A.); Khedive's Star 1884, unnamed as issued, light contact wear, very fine

One of 69 Tamaai clasps issued to M Battery, 1st Brigade.

William Longhurst enlisted around 1872 and was serving with 'M' Battery, 1st Brigade, Royal Artillery by 1884. Embarking aboard the troopship Jumna for India Longhurst and the rest of the Battery found themselves diverted for service in Sudan in February 1884. They were not ready for action at the Battle of El-Teb however were posted to the 2nd Brigade under General Davis for the expedition to Tamaai.

The British advanced to Tamaai in two squares with the one commanded by General Davis ahead of that commanded by General Buller. Davis' square was broken when a bayonet charge by the Black Watch opened a gap which the Dervishes managed to break into. 'M' Battery was outside the square when the attack crashed home and found themselves isolated by the Mahdist advance. They took advanced of the opportunity to pour case shot into the Dervish flanks and this, combined with fire from Buller's Brigade and the Cavalry Brigade, forced the Dervishes back.

After the action the British withdrew from Sudan and 'M' Battery again embarked aboard Jumna at Suakin on 30 March 1884. Rather than proceeding to India however they returned to Britain, disembarking at Portsmouth the next month. Longhurst was discharged at his own request before the end of the month on 15 November 1884; sold together with copied medal rolls and handwritten research.

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