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A Great War Dover Patrol Submarine action D.S.M. group of five to D. Peterson, Royal Naval Reserve who helped with the capture of U.48

Distinguished Service Medal, G.V.R. (D.A.12446. D. Peterson, 2nd Hd. R.N.R. 2 Majesty" North Sea. 24. Nov. 1917.); 1914-15 Star (D.A.12446, D. Peterson, D.H., R.N.R.); British War and Victory Medals (12446 DA O. Peterson. 2 Hd. R.N.R.); Royal Naval Reserve L.S. & G.C., G.V.R., coinage head (20 S.D. D. Peterson., 2. HD., R.N.R.) a couple of light star marks to the first and the third medal, otherwise very fine or better (5)

D.S.M. London Gazette 22 February 1918.

Daniel Peterson was born on 30 November 1893 at Northmavine, Shetland Islands. He enlisted into the Royal Naval Reserve on 23 November 1914 and served as a Deck Hand on Majesty serving as No.1 of the gun crew and was directly involved in the capture of U.48

Armed Drifters action with submarine U 48.

I have the honour to report that the three Armed Drifters Majesty Paramount and Present Help were principally concerned in her capture and destruction, the armed drifter Feasible arriving on the scene some ten minutes later, the armed drifters Acceptable and Lord Claud Hamilton a little later still and finally at the conclusion the T.B.D. Gipsy, all of which fired at the enemy.

The facts are that the Majesty and Paramount were sweeping the war channel at daybreak with the spare ship astern Present Help. The Majesty observed an object on the starboard side of Paramount and asked Paramount what it was, who reported a submarine.

Majesty at once slipped his wire and steamed direct for submarine, firing rocket and opening fire, Paramount cut the sweep, got in kite, and also steamed to submarine firing all the time, Present Help also attacking direct. So eager were they to get to grips with the enemy, although she was firing fairly heavy guns, that they grounded on the sands for a couple of minutes then being only about 50 to 80 yards distant. The distance when first firing was 1200 yards as seen by sights on first hit, which was the third shot fired by Majesty. The only hit obtained by the enemy was on the Paramount. The submarine when first sighted was steaming about S.W. and on being fired at altered course to southward and then evidently took the ground, as she rose eventually considerably. At one period, on several of the crew holding up their hands, the drifters ceased fire but reopened on again being fired at.,

The following numbers of rounds were expended:-

Majesty 6pdr. 23 rounds.
Paramount 6pdr. 45 rounds.
Maxim 94 rounds.
Present Help 3pdr. 21 rounds.

Feasible Acceptable and Lord Claud Hamilton firing also, but at a longer range when the issue was no longer in doubt.

I have therefore the honour to submit for rewards the following names but would point out that no one seemed to shirk their duties, even the engineers off watch assisting by passing up ammunition and great keenness was displayed by all crews, vessels actually closing until ashore, and within something under 100 yards, coming up in line abreast and using all available guns.

I cannot speak too highly of the Skippers' initiative grasping the situation at once which in this case possibly presented the submarine from getting off after he had touched, and venture to think the training they have received at this Base was conducive to it as we have continually pointed out that no matter if there is a slight disparity in weight of gun the first shots tell.

The reason of Majesty's smaller number of shots fired was that seeing the submarine's crew holding their hands up he ceased fire until fired at again."

Peterson received his D.S.M. as a result of his work here. He was subsequently discharged to Pembroke on 17 December 1917. He was awarded his L.S. & G.C. medal at Glasgow on 23 October 1932.

Peterson saw service in the Second World War as a Second Hand on Marie Elena but was found dead at 07:15 at Euston Station on 23 July 1941, he is buried in Gillingham (Woodlands) Cemetery, Kent.

Sold with copied service papers including POW interrogation from U.48.

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