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Pair: Captain A. W. Brush, Royal Irish Regiment

Queen's South Africa 1899-1902, 4 clasps, Cape Colony, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Wittebergen (Capt. A. W. Brush. 1/Rl. Irish: Rgt.); King's South Africa, 2 clasps, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 (Cpt. A. W. Brush. Rl. Irish. Rgt.), lightly toned, very fine (2)

M.I.D. London Gazette 10 September 1901.

Aplyn Waring Brush was born on 27 December 1870, he joined the Royal Irish Regiment from the Militia on 9 September 1893, promoted to Lieutenant on 7 April 1896 and to Captian on 8 July 1900 prior to being sent to South Africa. Once in South Africa he was originally employed with the Mounted Infantry on operations in the Transvaal between 30 November 1900 - September 1901 and again between October 1901 - March 1902 and was further employed on operations in Cape Colony between February 1901 - March 1901 and again between September - October 1901. Confirmed on the roll for both medals, his entry for the King's South Africa dated 3 July 1903 has him down as Half pay.

The Royal Irish at Diamond Hill.

The company also took part in the battle of Diamond Hill, and fought their way from Heidelberg to the Brandwater Basin. At Naauwpoort Nek Corporal Hogan was blown to pieces by a shell. At the end of August they were sent to help a small force of militia and volunteers in the Doornberg Range near Winburg, who were surrounded by a larger force of Boers. In this operation Capt Smyth was badly injured in a fall and was hospitalised. The company was commanded by Captain Brush and now reduced to 30 men.

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