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Auction: 22066 - Historical Documents, Postal History & Autographs - Featuring the Robin Hunt Collection
Lot: 2051

Queen Isabella I of Spain, Isabella the Catholic
1500 (25 May) warrant on watermarked parchment ordering a sum of money to be paid to Juan de Trillo for work commissioned by the Queen, signed "Yo La Reyna", "Por Mandade de la Reyna, Gaspar de Trizio", with further endorsements on reverse, possibly on receipt.
Document with paper clip mark at upper right ,clean filing slit through middle and seemingly truncated at foot, likely for a similar purpose, though exceptionally fresh for its age. A rare signature

Gerald E. Wellburn

Notes: Queen Isabella I of Spain (1451-1504), Queen of Castile and Leon (1474-1504). Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand II of Aragon ruled over unified Spain as the 'Catholic Monarchs'. Their rule was characterised by the Reconquista, the Alhambra Decree expelling Jewish and Islamic inhabitants from Spain, establishing the Spanish Inquisition and for supporting Christopher Columbus' 1492 famous voyage.

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