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Auction: 21064 - The Horace Hird Collection of Tudor, Stuart and Commonwealth Coins and Patterns
Lot: 33

AU58+ | Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Second 'Restoration' Coinage, Sixth Issue [Fine Gold], Rose Noble or 'Ship Ryal' [of 15-Shillings], (Pyx Period: 1 June 1587 - 31 January 1590), Tower, ELI ZAB .' D .' G .' AnG .' FR .' ET .' hI B REGINA (trefoil), Queen holding orb and sceptre, seated three-quarters facing in Tudor Galleon, set with double-rose, ornaments -1 | 1-1, ropes 3/3, sails 2/4, E on standard and sails on bowsprit, calm waters lap below, rev. (m.m.) IhS • AVT .' TRAnSIEnS • PER • MEDIV .' ILLORVM • IBAT •, rose upon radiant sun, alternating crowned Leopards and floriate cross terminals in angles, small trefoils in spandrels, 7.52g [116.0grns], 7h, m.m. crescent (HCN 90; Montagu III, 38 = Ryan 276 this coin; Murdoch -; Durlacher 144 = Brooke [1932], Pl. XLII, no. 2; Thompson [1941], Group C, no. 8, dies O4/R4 [recté] this coin; Schneider I, 784-785 this m.m. unrepresented; North 2004; Spink 2530), slight rim furling at 4 o'clock with a corresponding privy mark ghosting through to obverse legend, otherwise a most handsome example of this extremely elusive and exclusive Tudor rarity, one of only three recorded with the historic 'Armada' pyx symbol, and the only example to appear since Hird's acquisition in 1950, the others accessioned into the National collection or otherwise lost in the 19th Century, in NGC 'Horace Hird' holder, graded AU58+ (Cert. #6135299-033)

V J E Ryan, Part I, Glendining, 28-30 June 1950, lot 276 - 'extremely fine and very extremely rare' - £130.0.0 [Hird]
Carlyon-Britton, collection purchased by Seaby, 1937

Regrettably, the prior provenance is incorrect on account of the Montagu Specimen being accessioned into the British Museum in 1896.

Brown and Comber record ZERO instances of this privy mark for denomination as listed in the Spink Numismatic Circular and Seaby Bulletin between 1937 and 1983. Challis records the mint output for this Pyx Period at £46,973 for Fine Gold.

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