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Auction: 20010 - The Philatelic Collectors' Series Sale
Lot: 1228

1856-1953 mint collection including 1857-64 imperf ½d. and perf 12½ ½d. (2), 1861-64 wmk Star, clean-cut and intermediate perf 1d. dull blue, 5d. and 1/-, rough perf 9d. and 1/-, 1863-66 CC perf 12½ ½d. (2, one with watermark inverted), 1d., 2d. grey-green pair, 2d. emerald, 4d. (straight-edge at right), 5d. grey-olive with watermark reversed and 8d., 1867-70 CC 2d. (3, one with watermark inverted and one with watermark reversed), 4d. (2, one with watermark reversed), 6d. block of four and singles (2, one with watermark reversed), 10d. (2) and 1/- (3), 1883-86 CA 2c. pale brown, 1885 5c. on 8c. to 1r.12 on 2r.50 less 28c. on 32c., 1887 CC 1r.12 (2, one with watermark upright), 1892 3c. on 28c. pair with surcharge double, 1899-1900 2c. to 2r.25 (2), 1903-05 CA 2c. to 2r.25 plus additional 6c. with watermark inverted), 1904-05 MCA 2c. to 2r.25 in pairs, all but 1r.50 with plate number, 1910-11 2c. to 10r., 1912-25 1c. to 10r. (5, two die II) and 20r. with some additional shades/paper changes and some watermark varieties, 1918-19 War Stamp 5c. purple with watermark inverted, 1921-22 1c. to 20r. with some die II and watermark varieties, 1926 (Nov.) 2c. on 3c. with surcharge double, 1927-29 1r. to 20r., 1938-49 2c. to 5r. and Official 1869 8d., 1895 2c. to 1r.12 less 3c. and 1903-04 2c. to 30c. A fresh and fine lot

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£6,000 to £8,000

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