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Auction: 19058 - The Davies Collection of Great Britain and selected other Countries
Lot: 190

(x) Saudi Arabia
1916-2010 the superb mint and used collection housed in two green Scott speciality albums, a stockbook and tube contained in a box, including Hejaz 1921 unframed "1340 Hashemite Kingdom 1340" ½pi. on 1pa. and 1pi. on 1pa., 1925 large two line "Hejaz Government, 4th. October 1924" roulette 20 ¼pi. green with gold overprint (signed Graham), overprinted on framed "1340 Hashemite Kingdom 1340" 1/8pi. (used), on 1922 ½pi., on 1924 10pi., small three line "Hejaz Government, 4th. October 1924" roulette 20 ¼pi. red and blue overprints, 1925 large three line "Hejaz Government, 4 October 1924" overprints with various colours, overprints of Caliph issue, 1925 surcharges, 1925 cover from Medina to Mecca with negative violet "Nedji Sultanate Post, Al Saudia, One Qirsh, Year 1334 Fee Paid" handstamp, Nejdi Occupation of Hejaz 1925 Pilgrimage set, 1925 Capture of Medina and Mecca sets, 1925 Sultan Ibn Saud handstamps (6), Hejaz and Nejd, Saudi Arabia 1934 Proclamation 1d. perf. (2) and imperf., 1946 Obligatory tax with inscriptions two sheets of 25, 1961 Port Extension set of three miniature sheets (2), 1964-72 redrawn Gas Oil Plant 10p., 50p., 100p. and 200p.,Wadi Hanifa Dam set (200p. rounded corner), 1966-75 Gas Oil Plant 100p., Wadi Hanifa Dam 1p., 23p., 1975 Faisal miniature sheet and other miniature sheets from limited printings, later issues with many in pairs or strips of three, Air Mails 1064-72 Boeing 2p., 20p., 50p., 100p. and 200p., 1966-75 5p., 20p., 50p., 100p. and 200p., Postage Dues 1924 Caliph (2 sets unused or the usual disturbed original gum, Filatco Certificates), 1925 large two line overprint 20pa. with red and with blue overprints, 1924 small three line overprint 20pa. (used on piece), 1935 ½g. handstamped, Printed Matter "Matbua" 1/8pi. Sultanate Post handstamp in black, another in violet, ½pi., Officials 1964-70 9p., 12p., 23p., 31p., 50p. and 100p., 1970-72 7p., 8p., 9p., 11p., 50p., 100p., 50p., unmounted mint, part original gum and used. Inevitably a few forgeries/forged overprints are included but many of the rarities are accompanied by Filatco certificates. A fabulous lot. Photo for selection

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