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Auction: 19058 - The Davies Collection of Great Britain and selected other Countries
Lot: 187

(x) Netherlands Colonies
A complete basic mint (some issues used) collection to 2010 in a Scott speciality album and loose pages, including Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao 1873-92 various perfs to 2g.50 used, 1903-08 1c. to 50c. used, 1906 1½g. and 2½g. used, 1915-26 ½c. to 2½g. used, 1923 Jubilee 5c. to 5g., 1934 Colonization 1c. to 2g.50, 1941 Air 10c.+10c. to 50c.+100c., 1941-42 6c. to 2½g., 1942 Air 10c. to 10g., 1946-47 6c. to 10g. and 1947 Air 6c. to 25g. used; Netherlands Antilles 1948-49 Postage Due 2½c. to 50c. and 1950 5c. to 10g. used; Netherlands Indies (some early issues used) 1864 imperf 10c. cancelled by framed "franco", 1868 perf 12½x12 10c. (no gum), 1900 10c. on 10c. to 2½g. on 2½g., 1902-09 ½c. to 50c., 1922 Marine Insurance set of seven, 1923 Jubilee 5c. to 5g., 1933-37 1c. to 2g.50 used, 1938-40 1c. to 5g., 1948 15c. to 25g., Postage Due 1874-75 5c., 10c., 15c. and 20c. (used) and Official 1911 to 2½g.; Netherlands New Guinea 1950-52 1c. to 5g.; and Surinam 1873-88 1g. and 2½g., 1892-93 10c. to 30c., 1898 (Sept.) 10c. on 25c. ultramarine used (Moeijes certificate, 1977), 1900 (Mar.) 50c. on 2½g. (no gum), 1911 (July) 30c. on 2½g. on 2½g. used, 1923 Jubilee 5c. (used) to 5g., 1931 "Dornier X" Flight, 1941 (Sept.) Air set, 1942 Red Cross Fund, 1945 5g. and 10g., and Postage Due 1911 10c. on 30c. and 10c. on 50c. A generally fine lot

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