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Auction: 19058 - The Davies Collection of Great Britain and selected other Countries
Lot: 148

(x) German States
The basic unused/mint collection on Scott pages comprising Baden with 1851-52 imperf 1k. on brown (regummed), 3k. on yellow (no gum), 6k. on yellow-green (small thins, regummed) and 9k. on dull rose (touched on two sides), 1853-58 imperf 1k., 3k. on green, 3k. on blue (thin) and 6k. and 1860-62 to 9k.; Bavaria with 1850-58 1k., 6k., 9k., 12k. and 18k., 1862-63 1k. (no gum), 6k. (thin), 9k., 12k. and 18k., 1867-69 imperf 7k., 12k. and 18k. (small margins), 1874 (Aug.) imperf 1m. (no gum; Brettl certificate, 2001), 1875 (June) 1m., 1876-80 3pf. to 2m. (25pf. with Helbig certificate), 1911-13 3pf. to 20m., Postage Due 1862 imperf 3k. used and Official 1916-20 3pf. to 1m. used, 1919-20 3pf. to 1m. used and 1920 5pf. to 5m. used; Bergedorf; Bremen with 1855 3gr. (3, one with tight margins), 1856-63 imperf 5gr., 7gr. (no gum) and 5sgr., 1861-64 perces en scie 16 2gr, 3gr., 5gr., 10gr. and 5sgr., and 1866-67 perf 13 2gr., 3gr., 5gr., 7gr. and 5sgr.; Brunswick with 1852 imperf 1sgr. and 3sgr., 1853-56 ¼sgr., 2sgr. on blue (small margins) and 3sgr. on pale rose (blue h.s. on reverse shows through to face), 1861-64 rouletted 1sgr. yellow (Lange certificate, 2001) and perces en arc 16½ to 17½ 1sgr. black on yellow (Grobe certificate, 1975), 1sgr. yellow on white (2), 2sgr. and 3sgr.; Hamburg with 1859 imperf ½s. to 9s. and 1864 perf 13½ ½s. to 9s.; Hanover with 1850 1ggr. unused without gum (Grobe certificate, 1975), 1851-55 imperf four values, 1853 imperf 3pf. pale rose, 1856 imperf 3pf. and 1859-61 3pf. to 10gr. (six values); Lübeck with 1859 ½s. (touched and cut-into), 1s. (tiny margins), 2s., 2½s. and 4s.; Mecklenburg-Schwerin with 1864 rouletted 11½ 4/4s. (lower right quarter with black spot) and 1864 rouletted 11½ 4/4s.; Mecklenburg-Strelitz; Oldenburg with 1852-59 imperf ½s. on green, 1/30th on blue (thin) and 1/15th on rose (tight margins and slight thin), 1859 (July) ½g. (frameline touched in places), 1g. (margins just clear, slight thinnings), 2g. (small thin at top) and 3g., and 1861 imperf ¼g., ½g. green, ½g. chestnut, 1g., 2g. and 3g.; Prussia with 1850-56 6pf. and 1sgr., 1857 1sgr. and 2sgr. (touched at left); Saxony with 1850 3pf. (very pale and with just clear to small margins) and 1855-63 imperf 5ngr. and 10ngr.; Schleswig-Holstein with 1850 1s. and 2s. (both with just clear to small margins); Thurn and Taxis with Northern District 1852-58 imperf 1sgr., 2sgr. and 3sgr. (margins just clear in places and thinned) and 3sgr. (touched or just-into in places) and Southern District 1852-58 imperf 3k. (2, both cut-into), 6k. (cut-into and regummed) and 9k. (cut-into at upper right) and 1859-60 imperf 3k. (just clear to very small margins, light crease), 6k. and 9k. (just into in places); Württemberg with 1851-52 1k. to 18k. of mixed condition, 1857 imperf 1k., 3k., 6k., 9k. and 18k. (vertical bends; Heinrich certificate, 2000), 1859 imperf 1k. (thin), 3k., 6k., 9k. and 18k., 1860 perf 13½, thick paper 1k., 3k., 6k. (no gum and blunt top right corner) and 9k. (Heinrich certificate, 2000), 1861 perf 13½, thin paper 1k., 3k., 6k., 9k. (no gum) and 18k., 1862 perf 10, thin paper 1k., 3k. (Heinrich certificate, 1998) and 6k., 1863 perf 10 18k., 1865-68 rouletted 10 7k., 9k. and 18k. (no gum), 1873 imperf 70k. and 1875-79 50pf. grey (Winkler certificate, 2000); and North German Confederation. Some faults in places though overall condition generally fine for a collection of this sort. Photo for selection

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