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Auction: 19040 - The Waterbird Collection of Choice Numismatic Rarities
Lot: 41

Victoria (1837-1901), Shilling, 1879, die 13, 8 of date over 6, obverse die Davies 5 (Davies -; ESC -; S.3906A 'uncertain to exist as a normal coin or proof'), only fair to fine but extremely rare, not listed in two of the standard references, and listed as 'uncertain' in the third, in NGC 'Waterbird' holder, graded G6 (Cert. #4861777-020)

Although unpublished in the main catalogues, this unusual variety is the subject of an article by Harold Mountain in SNC May 1983, p.119.
'...It would appear that the overstriking of '6' over '8' on the die found on the 1879 shilling is unique in that it is a blundered restoration of the second figure of the date. The idea that there could have been any other reason than to restore the figure '8' is unthinkable. The appearance of this coin does much to substantiate the contention of Dyer and Gaspar that such 'overdates' are blunders in repairing rather than attempts to revise existing dates.'

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