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Auction: 19032 - India used in the Straits Settlements, The Tan Ah Ee Collection - Part 1
Lot: 17

1854 Lithograph Issue
1854 (Oct.) entire letter to Calcutta date-lined "22 October" and marked "p. Formosa", bearing ½a. blue Die I, Stone "A" strip of three, [53-55], with large margins all round and showing tiny portions of the stamps above. The letter was posted before Singapore had received either stamps or canceller, hence the necessity for the pen cancellation. The stamps had been carried privately from Calcutta by the author of the letter, but they only prepaid 1½ annas of the three annas required. The remaining 1½ annas were marked in manuscript on the framed "singapore/Bearing" which is dated 18 October. The letter arrived in Calcutta on 31 October; a little soiled and a few minor faults. A very rare and highly important cover, this being the earliest recorded use of Indian stamps in the Straits Settlements. Association of Singapore Philatelists Certificate (2013). Photo

Charles Taylor, May 1981

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