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Auction: 19010 - The Philatelic Collectors' Series Sale
Lot: 1019

Airmails of the World
The Ted Proud Collection

A collection in nine volumes housed in two boxes of various French airlines comprising Air France African services 1923-45 in a volume including 1925 (July) Dakar to France, 1925 (Nov.) Belgian Congo to France, 1927 (Aug.) French Guinea to Switzerland, 1927 (Nov.) France to Ivory Coast, 1926 (July) Upper Volta to France, 1928 (Dec.) Senegal to France crash cover with cachet, 1931 (Dec.) Cameroons to Indo-China, 1934 (Dec.) Netherlands to Gabon and1935 (Mar.) Sierra Leone to UK via Dakar; Air Afrique 1929-40 in two volumes including 1929 (Nov. and Dec.) Madagascar to France, 1929 (Dec.) France to Madagascar, 1930 (Jan.) Madagascar to France which crashed in Belgian Congo, 1931 (Nov.) special Goulette and Sale flight Madagascar to France, 1935 (Nov.) Algeria to Madagascar and Dahomey to Martinique and 1936 (Nov.) Dahomey to Greece; Air France African services 1936-41 in a volume including 1932 (Apr.) France to Reunion, 1936 (Jan.) Senegal to Madagascar, 1937 (Dec.) Angola to Germany, 1938 (Feb.) Germany to Liberia, 1938 (Mar.) Senegal to France which struck a mountain in the Pyrenees and 1939 (May) Senegal to France crash cover; Aeromaritime 1937-40 in a volume including 1937 (Sept.-Dec.) Liberia to USA (3), 1937 (Dec.) UK to Gold Coast, 1938 (Jan.) Gold Coast to Switzerland (registered) and 1938 (July-Aug.) USA to Liberia (2); North Africa Services 1917-44 in a volume including 1921 (June) Casablanca to France and 1921 (Dec.) and 1922 (Mar.) Service letters to France via Rabat; Reseau Aerien African Services (Vichy) 1940-43 in two volumes including 1941 (Feb.) Ivory Coast to Morocco, 1941 (Feb. - Apr.) France to Dahomey and re-addressed to Free French mission at Accra (2) and 1941 (Sept.) USA to Gabon by Clipper, 1942 (Nov.) Senegal to France suspended due to allied invasion of North Africa; and L.A.M. (Free French) 1940-45 in a volume. All neatly mounted and written-up with details of flights. A fine lot well worth careful viewing. (hundreds)

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