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Auction: 19010 - The Philatelic Collectors' Series Sale
Lot: 1003

Airmails of the World
The Ted Proud Collection

Imperial Airways
1927-38 collection of Imperial Airways flights to, from or via India in four volumes housed in a box including 1927 (Jan.) - 1929 (Mar.) to UK (5) and Netherlands carried on flight from Basra to Cairo; 1929 (June - July) UK to India (3) franked at 7½d.; 1929 (Aug.) India to Leichtenstein franked at 1r.2a.; 1929 (Sept.) delayed flight from UK to India; 1929 (Nov.) UK to Belgrade franked at 6½d.; 1930 (Feb.) India to Tehran franked at 6½a.; 1930 (June) Afghanistan to Germany; 1931 (Feb. - Mar.) India to Liechtenstein franked at 1r.9a. (registered) and 8a.; 1931 (Apr.) UK to New Zealand franked at 1/4d.; 1931 (May) Australia to Germany franked at 2/-; 1931 (May) to UK and USA, carried by "Satyrus", and franked at 24½a. and 12a. (both registered); 1934 (Mar.) India to Liechtenstein franked at 12½a. (registered); 1935 (Feb.) Burma to USA franked at 12½a. (registered); 1936 (Nov.) Barbados to Ceylon franked at 7½d.; 1937 (Mar.) Burma to Nigeria franked at 9½a.; 1938 (Feb.) Aden to France franked at 6a.; and 1939 (Nov.) Saudi Arabia to Switzerland. All neatly mounted and written-up with flight details. (383)

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