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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1013

1894 Third Issue
2ca. colour proof in bright vermilion of the redrawn design by Kelly & Walsh, imperforate and with part "chinkiang/postal service" cancellation in red. Good margins all round and shows traces of dark ink, possibly residue from a different colour printing. There are a few age spots on the reverse. An attractive example of this essay. Photo

Elling O. Eide, November 2014

銀貳分, 第三次版鮮朱紅色試色樣票, 由別發洋行(Welly & Walsh)再繪制, 無齒孔及試蓋紅色鎮江無日期戳; 邊紙完好, 沾染些黑色油墨, 可能被其他印刷物所沾, 此外在票背有些斑㸃; 品相中上._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流: 2014年11月Elling O. Eide.

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