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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1011

1894 Third Issue
Two lithographic prints in black of the first issue with the addition of background mountains drawn in black ink, on stout paper (105x80 mm). One background considered unsatisfactory and this design crossed through in pencil, the first with pencil notation to add "l.p.o." after "chungking". With endorsements by de Villard indicating that the colour should be "Red or Black" and, underneath, "Shanghai Chromo Photo Litho Co 2 ..., 1000 - including paper & perforating $20.00 for 2nd, $10 if ordered say 10 days after printing the 1st lot - If 5000 ordered at a time $40 lump sum, if 10,000 $60. 20,000 $80" and initialled. The reverse with capital letters "CHUNGKING L.P.O." in pencil. There are a couple of creases and score marks which do not detract from this highly important and historic item of artwork, generally considered as the premiere item of the philatelic history of Chungking. Photo

Sir Percival David, November 1965

Elling O. Eide, November 2014

兩枚第一版的石版印刷黑色樣票手稿, 樣票的背境天空上有以黑墨手描的山脈線條; 這兩枚樣票都印在同一張寬大的紙上(105x80mm), 可能其中一枚樣票的背境所描的山脈線條不滿意, 所以用鉛筆於其上塗上交義及曲線, 在左邊那枚"CHUNKING"後, 以鉛筆加上L.P.O.字樣, 在票右旁邊紙上, 費拉爾建議郵票顏色為"紅或黑", 票下有"上海石印照相公司"英文字樣, 還有其他數量與報價資料, 如每次訂5000, 則每lump紙四十圓, 如10,000就六十圓, 20,000為八十圓等; 手稿背面有鉛筆手寫"CHUNGKING L.P.O.", 雖然手稿上有些摺痕及老化的斑蹟, 但絕對絲毫不影響這份手稿在中國郵政史上的無比重要性, 尤其是在於重慶的郵政史中, 處於不可代替的地位._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流: 1965年11月Sir Percival David; 2014年11月Elling O.Eide.

HK$300,000 to HK$400,000