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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1001

Lee Chuan Essay
1893 Archibald Little's 2c. essay in vermilion, perf.12 cancelled by "chungking/postal service" circular handstamp in blue and part rectangular seal cancellation in red. The inscription reads, "Li Chuan Company/Chungking/2c.". There are a couple of trivial imperfections which do not detract from this very rare and desirable essay. One of only three examples recorded. Livingston E1. Photo

Malcolm Johnson

Dr Warren Kauder, May 1972,

Charles Dougan,
Elling O. Eide, November 2014

China Clipper, vol. 21, no.4 (1957), page 64 (illustrated)

The Shanghai Postal System, Charles Dougan, 1981 (illustrated page 74)

Archibald Little established the first postal service for foreign traders by "clubbing" mail to be sent to other ports. Little went on to establish a local postal service and it is thought that these essays were produced in order to send mail to other ports further down the river. Li Chuan Company (or Little Boat Company) was owned by Archibald Little

利多爾( Archibald J. Little)利川公司二分票, 朱紅色, 齒孔十二度, 銷藍色圓型重慶郵政戳, 及蓋部分紅色長方形戳, 票面的中文分別寫上"內地/利川公司/重慶/二分", 票齒孔有些微缺陷, 但絕不影響這枚郵票的稀罕性, 存世只有三枚, 為集郵家所追求之珍郵._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流: Malcolm Johnson; 1972年5月Dr. Warren Kauder; Charles Dougan; 2014年11月Elling O. Eide; 著作1957年中國飛剪第21卷第4期第64頁插圖; 1981年"上海郵政系統" (The Shanghai Postal System) Charles Dougan. 195頁插圖

HK$100,000 to HK$120,000