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Auction: 18049 - British Banknotes
Lot: 2889

Bank of England, J. B. Page, a group of £1 (47), ND (1970), prefixes, AN11, AR05, BN01, BN75, BR80, BS02, BT02, BU01, BW02, BX34, BY69, BZ33, CN70, CR43, CS73, CT41, CU20, CW75, CX09, CY59, CZ25, DN18, DR82, DS10, DT36, DU39, DW59, DX06, DY09, EN23, ER28, ES25, ET52, EU09, EW58, EX02, EY28, EZ79, HN15, HR23, HS57, HT42, HU54, HW76, HX40, HY21, HZ17,
(EPM B322), a complete group of prefixes of this issue, extremely fine or better (47)

Subject to 20% VAT on Buyer’s Premium. For more information please view Terms and Conditions for Buyers.

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