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Auction: 11026 - The Chartwell Collection - British Empire
Lot: 6

Bermuda The Postmasters´ Stamps W.B. Perot´s First Issue at Hamilton 1853 1d. Red on Thick, White Paper 1853 Perot´s First Issue at Hamilton, 1d. red on thick, white paper cut irregularly to shape; shallow thin towards left side which in no way effects the very fine appearance of this iconic stamp. S.G. O3, £110,000 Estimate £ 60,000-80,000 Note: Only eleven examples of Perot´s First Issue are recorded with six struck in red and five struck in black. Of the six struck in red one is known affixed to an entire letter, dated 16 April 1855, in the hand of banker N. Butterfield of Hamilton, and is addressed to B. Wilson Higgs at St. George´s Of the other five struck in red the stamp offered above is considered to be one of the finest provenance: 1918: The third of five examples discovered in Bermuda among the family papers of Miss Frances Trott 1922: Acquired by Alfred H. Caspary 1957: Alfred H. Caspary, Sale 9 (14 May). Lot 190, $5,000. Purchased by Vahun Mozian 1969: Acquired by Claude Cartier and subsequently bought for the current owner literature: Alfred Smith "Alfred Smith´s Monthly Circular", July 1897, Bath M.H. Ludington, "The Postal History and Stamps of Bermuda", March 1978, Massachusetts L.N. and M. Williams, "Stamps of Fame", 1953, London L.N. and M. Williams "Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps", Vol. 1 "The Stories", 1993 Geneva L.N. and M. Williams "Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps", Vol. 2 "The Biographies", 1997 Geneva

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