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Auction: 1009 - Ancient, English & Foreign Coins, Commemorative Medals & Numismatic Books
Lot: 432

Carausius (287-293), AR Denarius, 3.54g, uncertain mint, c.287-289, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, imp caravsivs pf avg, rev. expecta[te veni], Britannia, standing right, holding wreath and clasping hand of Carausius, standing left in military dress, holding spear or sceptre, an altar between them (RIC --; RSC 36; Shiel 9), dark tone, good very fine, extremely rare Estimate £ 2,200-2,600 Found near Shenstone, Staffordshire in 2009 (Portable Antiquities Scheme Detailed Report WMID-02BDE6). This variety, known by only one other specimen, has no mint mark rsr, as one would expect, has Britannia holding a wreath instead of an ensign or trident, and has an altar between her and Carausius. The reverse type recalls Virgil´s Aeneid, ´quibus Hector ab oris expectate venis?´ (from what shores do you come, Hector, the expected one?) Aeneid ii, 283. Thus does Carausius announce his arrival on what was probably an accession donative to the troops.

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