SPINK LONDON | April will be a very busy month for Spink's London auction room. There will be several philatelic auctions of note, one in particular is the highly-anticipated "Foxley" Collection of Barbados taking place on the 19th April. The sale features amazing early letters and handstamps, Britannia proofs and covers, 1882 - 86 Keyplate issues and some truly fascinating hand-painted essays. For collectors of Barbados, this will be one of the most exciting sales of the year.

There are many pieces that stand out from within this sale, but one of the most intriguing is lot 537, a 1/- blue error of colour with small printer's guide mark at top centre, wonderfully fresh appearance and arguably the prettiest of the fifteen examples so far recorded. R.P.S. Certificate (1987). S.G. 34a, £18,000. Interestingly, in 1863 the printers, Perkins, Bacon and Co., sent a supply of 50,000 to the island. On arrival it was discovered that they were printed in blue, the colour of the 1d., instead of black. A new supply was despatched and the "blue" error was not put on sale. Before disposing of these stamps a number were removed and defaced with a cross in ink which has subsequently been cleaned off, and lot 537 is a perfect example of this.


Lot 537, estimated: £5,000 - 6,000

There are two items that appear in sequence within the sale relating to the 1906 Nelson issue which really draw the eye when browsing the catalogue. Lot 704 is a 1d. artist's sketch (110x159mm) in ink and black wash in a design similar to that issued, drawn by Mrs. G.W. Goodman with the palm trees added by Lady Carter, marked "Enlarged drawing to show features of the statue". A very attractive item showing wonderful artistry. And lot 705 is a 1d. artist's sketch (30x37mm.) of the accepted design by Mrs. G.W. Goodman in pencil with simulated perforations, pink colour wash on frame and green crayon on palm trees, executed on paper (132x122mm.) marked "(Mrs. Goodman's design for Nelson Issue). (Accepted)" and with suggestions of colours for other values.


Lot 704, estimated: £1,000 - 1,200


Lot 704, estimated: £800 - 1,000

Another attention-grabbing item is lot 722, a watercolour, pen and ink sketch for a 6d. value similar to that issued for the shilling values, with head of King Edward VII as King George had not yet approved a head of himself, on thin card (113x168mm) and marked at foot "To be reduced to size of the Nelson stamp". Most attractive. This lot is one of five essays submitted by the Crown Agents to De La Rue who replied that they would have to omit the charming flying fish since they "could not adequately represent them on such a small scale".


Lot 722, estimated: £1,000 - 1,200

Another memorable pair of essays are lots 811 and 812. Lot 811 is a 1d. handpainted essay on card (59x45mm.) showing King George V at centre with street and house scenes either side with Bradbury, Wilkinson small imprint label affixed just below the design; a most attractive and unique item of artwork. This (lot 811) was Bradbury, Wilkinson's initial essay but it was rejected as lacking historical relevance. Lot 812 however, was the winning design, handpainted by Miss. E. Cox and touched-up by Bradbury, Wilkinson artist E. Jackman. Miss Cox received a gratuity of £5 for her design which was used as the basis of the one adopted.


Lot 811, estimated: £800 - 1,000


Lot 812, estimated: £1,000 - 1,200

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