SPINK LONDON | This February, Spink is proud to be presenting a fantastic collection of India, 1855 - 1902 De LA Rue issues. An auction which promises to be full of some of the finest examples from a truly delightful period of Indian philatelic history. This sale abounds in essays, die proofs, exceptional colour trials, revenue stamps and high values. The sale takes place on the 24th February 2016, in London.

The sale commences elegantly with the original 1854 essays for the new De La Rue issues. Lot 1001 is a series of nine progressive die proofs of an essay bearing the Colonial head facing to the right. Each die is sunk on varying sized card, the designs are beautiful examples of the development of a stamp and detail the drastic and most minute of changes to this iconic issue. Many show backgrounds in circles and squares, others detail script surrounding the central head. An exquisite and unique assembly.


Lot 1001, estimated: £15,000 - 18,000   

In the same vein is lot 1003, another set of four die proofs, they bear the head only with double-lined oval surround and outline of design frame, and three master proofs with uncleared value tablets numbered "13", "14" and "15", all printed in reverse, stamp-size in black on glazed card and mounted in individual sunken frames. A unique quartet.


Lot 1003, estimated: £8,000 - 10,000

The sale also contains one of the most stunning sequences of 1880 essays inscribed "INDIA POSTAGE". In a run of eight lots, collectors will be able to purchase incredible and highly unique essays that display their singularity beautifully. Lot 1054, is just one example of these beautiful essays, an 84x103mm piece of card bearing the 9p. mauve of 1873 with the new title and value (on solid ground) hand-painted in Chinese white, originally dated "DEC 3RD 80" and marked "TO BE ENGRAVED TO THE ENGLISH POSTAGE SIZE". Handwritten on it is "This duty to be considered equivalent to 1d. & will have to be printed in the 1d. International colour", subsequently endorsed "Approved subject to the "P" in "Pies" being made clearer", initialled and dated "10.12.80" and finally dated "14 DEC 80". Just one of many delightful examples of the level of intricacy behind postage stamps in this sale.


Lot 1054, estimated: £3,500 - 4,000

Towards the end of the sale is a spectacular collection; a set of nine envelopes that show an amusing series of illustrations showing the story of a man antagonising a monkey and the monkey eventually exacting his revenge. The colours are bright and the characterisation is stunning, a very memorable series. These delightful illustrations are the work of Captain, later Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Rose (1863-1946) of the Black Watch who served in India, Egypt, South Africa and the U.K. The recipient, Lady King Harman, lived in various British colonial outposts, as far afield as Mauritius and St. Lucia.


Lot 1190, estimated: £2,000 - 2,500

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