This will be a landmark auction, there having never been a catalogue solely devoted to this subject. Missing colours are undoubtedly the most spectacular and visual of all errors.
The Pierron collection contains items from over 55 different countries and territories, from 1959 to 2008. They range from the most startling and obvious omission to the most challenging to spot. Many are in plate blocks of various sizes and strips.
Among the more extensive countries are Australia which includes the 1966 13c. Avocet with grey missing and 15c. Galah with red missing, 1971 2c. Sturt's Desert Rose with yellow missing, 1972 10c. Pioneer Life with black missing, 1973 7c. Sydney Opera House with dark blue missing, 1977 20c. Performing Arts with olive-grey missing and 1979 20c. Steam Railways with black missing.